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Find out more about your customers or market

Perhaps you need some quick facts and figures about your customers or to get a 'snapshot' of the market. Rather than undertaking a large research project, you may want answers to just a handful of questions.

The Opinions Monitor is an easy and cost effective way to gather market information to assist with decision making and planning for your business. The Opinions Monitor is available monthly allowing you to capture information at a point in time, or to build a historical understanding over a longer period, thus allowing the identification of any trends with your customer base or market.

As Canterbury's premier and most experienced specialist market research agency, Opinions Market Research Ltd is renowned for the quality and cost effectiveness of its Monitor, with many public and private sector businesses using it regularly to ensure they understand their customers, stakeholders and market in general.

If you would like to be better informed to serve the needs of your market, the Opinions Monitor is an excellent tool to help you achieve this outcome.

For more information about the Opinions Monitor or if you would like to participate email us at info@opinions.co.nz or call us on (+64) 03 374 9794.

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